Elastic Green hard wax

  • €8,98


Elastique Neither a hot wax or a liposoluble, our new Elastic wax, used without strips, is particularly recommended for hair removal from the delicate "bikini" area. 

HOLIDAY ELASTIQUE guarantees excellent results on all skin types and with all types of hair. Effective on the whole body, it is outstanding for hair removal on the face, armpits and bikini line, works well for short hair. 

Easy to apply, for fast work use in larger strips. 
Hygienic, use disposable spatulas to apply the wax (avoid double dipping), works without the strips. 
Long shelf life, 36 months after opening.   

Heat this Holiday Brazilian Green Wax in a suitable wax heater between 55ºC and 58ºC and apply it with a spatula. This Brazilian Green Wax has a short drying time and can be removed almost immediately after application with the unwanted hair growth.

Holiday Brazilian Green Wax also suitable for home use.

Packaging: 400ml jar or 500g beads.