Brush Acrylic Creator - N8/LL

  • €27,50

Acrylic Brush Creator - 8/LL

Acrylic nail sculpting brush made from high-quality Kolinsky sable hair. This brush can be used to apply material to hard-to-reach edges of the nail and features a protective cap for storage that ensures a long life for your favourite tool. The cap protects the cleaned brush from light and dust.


  • oval shape with a needle-sharp tip that reaches every part of the nail;
  • superior-quality Kolinsky sable hairs have excellent liquid absorption and carrying capacities;
  • high flexibility allows maximum control over the sculpting material;
  • protective cap for storage.

Technical specifications:

  • Brush size: 8
  • Brush head diameter: 6 mm
  • Brush head length: 19 mm
  • Handle length without cap: 158 mm