Spa Anti-Stress Gel

Spa Anti-Stress Gel

  • €24,27

Anti-stress gel for hands and feet.

Stimulates blood circulation in capillaries and fortifies (tightens) them. Light massage with this gel refreshes, helps to reduce puffiness in limbs and reduces heaviness in feet. Suitable for using with telangiectasia (spider veins) because it stimulates blood flow. The collection of herbal active ingredients makes the skin smoother and moisturises it deeply. Discomforts such as pain, itchiness and burn caused by oedema vanish and are replaced by a feeling of wellbeing and freshness.

Use: Apply the gel onto clean skin (approx. 3 ml for hands and 6 ml for feet). Spread the gel and do a relaxing massage or lymphatic drainage massage. Leave a light layer of gel on the skin and have it absorb into the skin. In case of more severe oedema, wrap the feet with an elastic band (not too tight) after the drainage and lift your feet at a slight angle to allow the drainage to work for another 20 minutes. After the treatment apply a light layer of Intense Moisturizing Massage Cream onto the skin to preserve moisture. For professional use and aftercare at home. For external use. Keep out of reach of children.


  • Legactif – Active ingredient collection from plants to fight tired and heavy feet. Rich in vitamin P, flavonoids (naringin and hesperidin) and ruscogenin. Has a positive effect on capillaries by stimulating blood flow.
  • Glycan – Moisturises deeply and restores the hydrolipidic balance of the skin.
  • Lanolin – Natural ingredient which regulates the water level in skin and softens the epidermis. Absorbs into the top layers of skin, restores the defensive barrier of the skin's lipid layer and slows water from leaving the skin, moisturises the skin. Restores the natural elasticity of the skin, thanks to which it is less prone to cracking.