• €13,20

Camouflage Gel Neutral Pink is the Mereneid magical nail plate transformer. This camouflage gel with thicker viscosity than usual and with a pigment makes the nail beautiful and natural-looking. This gel is acid free.

Advantages for a nail technicial:

  • It is easy to take the gel from the bottle onto the brush.
  • Filing is easy as well as achieving the desired shape of nails.
  • It is perfectly suitable for modelling both on shorter nails and on plastic tips.
  • Applying it on stencils, one should use it with other builder gels (between the layers of a builder gel).

Advantages for a customer:

  • Its tone is as close as possible to the tone of natural nails, and it also matches the majority of skin tones.
  • Hides faults on a nail plate.
  • Makes it possible to make a beautiful natural-looking French manicure and durable nails.
  • In French manicure, it creates a visual illusion of a longer and healthier nail plate.

Using the product: Mereneid Camouflage Gel Neutral Pink needs a Base Gel or a primer/bonder. It dries on average within 3-4 minutes under a 36W UV lamp and within 30 seconds under a 12W LED lamp. To achieve the best results, apply gel in thin layers, letting each layer dry under a UV lamp within the required time period. Using classical paper stencils, after removing a stencil, place the reverse side of the nail once again under the lamp, so that its reverse side would also dry with the UV lamp. We suggest you use transparent stencils. Leaves a sticky layer after drying.