Cat Eye Pigment - Blue

  • €4,43

First, using a brush, place the required amount of transparent top gel on to a glass mixing palette (or use a small glass jar), add a tiny amount of pigment and mix well. You now have your own unique pigmented gel that can be applied with a soft brush to the pre-painted nail plate. 

Now the creative part! Before placing the nail under the UV light, hold a magnet for a few seconds at an angle near the nail plate. The magnetic particles in the pigment are drawn to the magnet and create an interesting shadow pattern across the nail. Experiment with different shadow effects just by changing the angle of your magnet! When you like what you see, cure the finished nails under a UV light. To protect the pigmented top gel and guarantee a deeper aquarium effect, cover the nails with another layer of transparent top gel. To get really interesting contrasting results, experiment with using a darker coloured gel or gel polish as a foundation on the nails.