MCCM CLH Lipase 5x10ml

MCCM CLH Lipase 5x10ml

  • €120,00

NEW PRODUCT CLH LIPASE acts on the triglyceride metabolism and it helps dissolving the accumulated localised fat. 

The ingredients have moisturizing and slimming effect.

CHL Lipase helps to improve skin appearance signicantly and reduce cellulite.

Lipase is a digestive enzyme secreted by pancreatic cells and released into the small intestine. It helps to digest fats, breaking down triglycerides into glycerol and fatty acids.


Composition of CLH lipase:

  • Sterile water,Mannitol,Sodium hyaluronate,calcium chloride,R-Chlostridium Histoliticum,Collagenase G,Cyclodextrin,Hyaluronidase,Lipase