• €14,50

Very resistant, strong builder gel but at the same time easy to file. As the gel is not self levelling, it is easy to layer it onto the nail. All in one Builder gel is an opaque pink in the jar but transforms on the nail to leave a slightly translucent milky, and very natural colour. This gel requires neither a base gel nor top gel, as it is strong enough reflect shine once the sticky residue is removed. Requires Primer. Curing time is likely to be around 2-3 minutes.

Recommendations: As the gel cures, clients may feel a momentary hot sensation on the nail, so we recommend curing the gel under UV light for just a few seconds at a time with 5-second breaks in between exposures. Follow this procedure at least twice (and more if your client feels discomfort) before leaving the nail to cure under UV as normal. The layering of this gel onto the nails is so simple that the gel will suit even novice technicians. We do not recommend its use for clients who have very strongly developed C-curve nail plates however.