MCCM Meso Infusion CVita 180⁰ Pack

MCCM Meso Infusion CVita 180⁰ Pack

  • €150,00

CVita 180⁰ Pack MCCM

Designed to provide the skin with a full glow and lightening effect, CVita 180⁰ Pack prevents photo-aging and protects the skin from external aggressions.

✅Photo aging



✅Collagen synthesis

5 Vitamin C Ampoules (5 ML)

5 Salicylic Removing (5 ML)

5 CVita 180º Mask (20 ML)

CVita 180º Cream (50 ML)

Cleanse and tone the skin with MCCM Facial Milk and Facial Tonic

Apply Salicylic Removing with cotton disks on face and neck

Apply Vitamin C ampoule with a gentle massage or micro needle device.

Apply the CVita 180º Mask and leave for 20 minutes

Finalize applying CVita 180º Cream and MCCM Sun Cream 50