Flat Matte Top Gel 15ml

Flat Matte Top Gel 15ml

  • €12,90

Flat Matte Top Gel – matte top gel for those who want to stand out and have an alternative to shiny finishes. The gel comes in a bottle with a brush, which makes it convenient to use both at the salon and at home. Cures both in UV and LED light.

Advantages for nail technicians:

  • An impressive product that allows exciting contrast to be created by combining shiny and matte finishing.
  • Thanks to its liquid viscosity the gel is applied just like polish, which easily enables a beautiful finish to be created.

Advantages for the client:

  • The elasticity of the gel enables it to be applied flawlessly even to very flexible nails without any cracking.
  • Protects the coloured gel from fading.
  • Provides a nice change for shiny nails and allows for interesting but more subtle nail art.
  • When applying the gel to natural nails for fortification you can create a result that is very similar to your own nails. Also suitable for men's manicures.

Instructions for use: Cures under a 36 W UV lamp in 2–3 min., under a 12 W LED lamp for 30-60 sec. Leaves a sticky layer that should be removed with the Residue Remover. We recommend applying to 1 or 2 nails at a time and then letting it cure under the lamp to prevent the gel from spreading on the skin.