• €15,38

Flexing Builder Gel 15ml

A self-levelling viscous builder gel particularly good for natural nails. Also suitable for sculpting or overlaying on tips. Needs primer or bonder. Cures under UV light in around 3 minutes, without causing an uncomfortable heat sensation. Before filing remove sticky residue. Results in a natural look and is very flexible. Gel can be soaked off with Acetone Tip remover.

Recommendations: Gel needs to be applied as accurately as possible, avoiding the cuticle, because the gel’s rubbery quality makes it harder to remove excess product. However, filing this gel causes very little dust. Mereneid Sari Kwik-Soak Base gel is a perfect base gel for the Kwik-Soak Flexing Builder Gel.
With outstanding flexibility this gel is virtually unbreakable.