• €15,38

French White Paint Gel 15ml

French White Paint Gel - White universal gel, perfect for drawing a flawless French manicure curve on the very first try. Covers lighter as well as darker shades evenly and prevents nail art from getting smudged. Cures under UV and LED lamps.

Advantages for nail technicians:

  • White pigment is perfect for making a flawless French manicure.
  • Easy to apply due to its liquid, polish-like consistency: it can be applied to all the nails of one hand without worrying about the gel starting to run.
  • Due to its intense pigment, a French manicure design is achieved with just one layer: white tips are thin and not higher than the rest of the nails.
  • Excellent colour gel because nail art does not get smudged and dark background does not show through.
  • Perfect to be used with Exquisite Line coloured gels by Mereneid Sari.

Advantages for clients:

  • Pure white pigment is suitable for all those who prefer a bright white French manicure curve.
  • The gel does not give an unpleasant hot sensation.
  • The gel is elastic and does not crack.

Instruction s for use: to be cured under a 36 W UV lamp for 2 minutes on average or under a 12 W LED lamp for 30 seconds. Does not leave a sticky layer. Requires a top gel and can be used with Finishing top gel and Multi' use top gel by Mereneid Sari.

French White paint Gel by Mereneid Sari is produced according to EU regulations and good manufacturing practice. Microbiological and toxicological tests have been carried out by independent EU institutions.