K-Surgery Peel PIRUVIC 30%, 40%

K-Surgery Peel PIRUVIC 30%, 40%

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PIRUVIC 30%, 40%


Prevention and treatment of acne, seborrheic dermatitis, post-acne scars, post inflammatory hyper pigmentation.


Piruvic acid is an alpha-keto acid. Its hydrophilic capacity is lower than glycolic and salicylic acid and therefore it has greater degree of penetration throughout the pilosebaceous follicle. It causes a PH range reduction in follicular level that produces a bacteriostatic effect and a reduction in the cohesion of the keratinocytes in the sebaceous gland wall. Pyruvic acid is a powerful sebostatic and reduces the oiliness of the seborrheic and acne skin.

Bottle 50ml