MCCM Argireline Cream 30ml

MCCM Argireline Cream 30ml

  • €77,00

Anti-Aging Cream

Efficient anti-wrinkle cream which prevents and reduces expression lines on the forehead, eyebrows and around the eyes. Natural “botox” effect on the skin.

Main ingredients:

  • Argireline: Hexapeptide; non-toxic Botox effect, inhibiting muscle contraction.
  • Leuphasyl: Active Peptide Ingredients (Pentapeptide-8); a peptide designed to work with Argireline; wrinkle reduction.


-Mature skins
-Skin with wrinkles


-Fights premature aging
-Improves face firmness and helps to reduce expression lines
-Smooth and glowingly hydrated skin


Apply to face and neck, in the morning and evening. Can be combined with Anti-aging Cream:
Anti-aging in the morning and Argireline Cream in the evening.