MCCM Cellulite 5x10ml

MCCM Cellulite 5x10ml

  • €120,00

Cellulite cocktail is an effective solution to reduce localized fat and cellulite.

The rich combination of L-Carnitine, Caffeine, Organic Silicon and Asian Centella has lipolytic and anti-cellulite properties, providing firmness, elasticity and smoothness to the skin.

Used in weight loss programs, it will facilitate the reshaping of the body.

Meso Cellulite Cocktail effectively solves the problem of excess volume, local fat deposits and cellulite. 

The combination of active ingredients increases the elasticity, improves the appearance of the skin. 

Corrects "orange peel", helps reduce volume and models body contours. 

Box 10 X 5ml Ampoules

Box 5 X 10ml Vials