MCCM Chondroitin Mesoplus 20x2ml

MCCM Chondroitin Mesoplus 20x2ml

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Chondroitin Mesoplus assist in tissue repair processes due to their action on the organization of fibrillar collagen. It is particularly indicated for the treatment of facial and body flaccidity and skin aging. Its ingredients have the capacity to moisturize, heal, and soothe the skin.

 Recommended for


Skin flaccidity


 Box 20 X 2 Ml Ampoules


Act on the organization of fibrillar connective tissue
Improves the quality of collagen fibers


Moisturizes skin, preventing the appearance of expression wrinkles

How apply

Apply the product in the area to be treated with circular movement massage or add it to a cream / mask
Add the product to a gel intended for use in Transdermic Mesotherapy or other type of electrotherapy treatment such as ultrasounds, ionization or other types of medical devices used in aesthetic treatments