MCCM Collagen Pyruvate 20x2ml

MCCM Collagen Pyruvate 20x2ml

  • €98,00

The MCCM Collagen Pyruvate contains ampoules with regenerative properties that help in breaking down the cells from the deep and superficial skin layer to improve elasticity and hydration.

The MCCM Collagen Pyruvate is highly recommended for the treatment of flaccidity, stretch marks, acne scarring, aging, strengthening the capillary vessels, reaffirmation and alopecia. The collagen pyruvate ampoules stimulate the fibroblast activity and collagen synthesis.

The MCCM Collagen Pyruvate has active ingredients such as Pyruvic Acid. Through this it stimulates the fibroblast activity and the collagen synthesis. Due to its unique formation this formula is unmatched in its treatment which improves the elasticity and hydration of the skin. This is one of the best products on the shelf for stretch marks and acne scars.


Pyruvic acid, Sodium hydroxide, water

For Mesotherapy to lighten the skin use:

Vitamin C, Organic Silicon, Prof. Whitening, B-Complex, Collagen Pyruvate, Vitamin A, Glutatione.

For Mesotherapy for rejuvenation of the skin use:

Hyaluronic Acid 3.5%, Prof. Whitening, Vitamin A, Hyaluronic Acid 2%, Organic Silicon, Collagen Pyruvate, B complex, ACE ampoules