MCCM Massage Cream 200ml

MCCM Massage Cream 200ml

  • €55,00

It is indicated for muscle contractures, sprains, muscle strains, arthrosis, joint problems, back pain and hernias. It stimulates the blood circulation and relaxes the nervous system. Its active ingredients include Linden Flower, Calendula, Arnica, Cucumber and Mallow Extracts.

Recommended for:

To perform therapeutic massage
Pain / tension
Warm up muscles


Anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties
Anti-allergic and anti-oxidant
Reduces the pain signals that reach the brain by stimulating nerve endings


Helps to reduce pain associated with muscle contractures, sprains, distention, arthritis, joint, back pain and hernias

How apply:

Apply in the area with pain / tension, with circular movements until it’s totally absorbed
For professional application