MCCM MELANOout System whitening Pack

  • €225,00

Melano Out System® Whitening is an aesthetic treatment designed to reduce and eliminate spots of melanic origin blemishes on the face, neck and neckline. After the treatment the skin tone will become more uniform with a brighter tone and smoother texture. The results are excellent without surgery or side effects.

What’s In Pack:

1 Pre-treatment Solution (10 ML)
1 Meso Whitening Vial (10 ML)
1 Melano Whitening Mask (15 GR)
1 Melano Whitening Cream (30 ML)
1 Sun Cream 50 (50 ML)

How to apply:

Apply Degreasing Solution with gauze to remove the all impurities from the skin
Apply Meso Whitening with gauze to reduce pH of the skin
Apply Melano Whitening Mask
Leave the mask accordingly with the skin photo-type:
Photo type I & II – 3-5 hours
Photo type III & IV – 6-8 hours
Photo type V & VI – 9-12 hours
Remove Melano Whitening Mask with cold water
Apply Hydraface on the face and neck
Apply Sun Cream 50 on the face and neck