MCCM Platinum Cream - 24H DNA 50ml

MCCM Platinum Cream - 24H DNA 50ml

  • €99,00


Long-lasting moisturiser with active ingredient such as Hyaluronic acid, Collagen and Plankton Extract, which improves the cell protection and the skin resistance to the stress generated by UV rays and temperature changes, maintaining it young, healthy and bright throughout the day. The rich combination of fruit extracts, vitamins and plankton extract, allows Platinum Cream to offer a long-lasting moisturizing action. Apply small amounts on a clean face and massage gently until completely absorbed. The diamond particles will make your skin young and glowing throughout the day. Use daily for best results.

Long-lasting moisturiser cream


Hyaluronic Acid: hygroscopic properties (ability to absorb water), essential for maintaining the hydration of our skin. Stimulates the production of collagen fibbers, a key element for maintaining the skins tonicity.

Collagen: Prevents the premature aging and flaccidity, helps to produce native collagen that repairs the dermis and increases the water holding ability, improving the look in general.

Pure Extract from Plankton: It has calming, regenerating and stimulating properties.