MCCM Purifying Cream 50ml

MCCM Purifying Cream 50ml

  • €139,00

All OILY Skin Types

It favors cellular renewal, balancing the brightness and smoothness of the skin, improving its texture. Its component, glycolic acid, favors the elimination of dead cells and activates cellular metabolism allowing an immediate renewal of the skin. It is indicated for excess of sebum secretion, solar erythema (hyperkeratosis actinic) and is specially designed for skins with seborrheic tendency or hyperkeratosis.


  • Myrthus: Anti-bacterial/ anti-acne
  • Allium cepa (onion extract): It prevents bacterial and fungal conditions
  • Myrrha: Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, healing
  • Glycolic acid: Improve the skin’s texture and overall appearance


– Oily, combination skin

– Acne


– Specially formulated for skins with seborrheic tendency

– Helps to balance the sebum production

– Reduces the pore open

– Improves the appearance of acne scars


– Apply to face and neck, morning and evening. If there is a momentaneous increase of pimples, combine with the Regenerador cream, applying the Regenerator in the morning and Purifying in the evening.