Performance Top Gel 15ml

Performance Top Gel 15ml

  • €12,90

Elastic cover gel with a strong shine. Suitable for covering gel polishes and coloured gels. The cover gel offers light UV protection.

Advantages for a nail technicial:

  • The gel is packaged in a bottle with a brush, which makes the work faster and more convenient.
  • Due to its liquid formulation, the gel is applied just like nail polish, which makes it possible to achieve a beautiful final result without any difficulty.
  • Doesn’t change colour, which usually happens with gels offering strong UV protection.

Advantages for a customer:

  • The gel does not cause heating sensation.
  • The gel's excellent elasticity makes it possible for the gel to adapt to the natural mobility of a natural nail of a customer, making the gel easy and convenient to apply.
  • The light UV protection helps the colour pigment stay unchanged (the protection weakens during tanning or when sunscreens and household chemicals are used). 

Using the product: It dries under a 36W UV lamp for about 2-3 minutes and under a 12W LED lamp for about 30-60 seconds. It leaves a sticky layer which should be removed with Residue Remover.