• €10,90

Pink Tinted Gel 15ml/50ml

A self-levelling gel, giving the nail a natural look. The medium viscosity gives a nail technician more time to apply the gel correctly to the nail plate. Needs primer or bonder. Cures in around 3 minutes under UV light. After curing the sticky residue must be removed. Suitable for nail tips and for sculpting on forms. An ideal gel for beginners.

Recommendations: The main advantage of this gel is flexibility, at the same time it is strong enough. Not too thick nor too viscous. Suits long or short nails. If your clients have problems with gels not sticking or experience white spots - we recommend using a base gel: apply a thin layer of MS gel for natural nails on to the whole nail (or only to the grown out part of the nail), then cure under UV light before applying pink builder gel on top.