File Polisher 180/280

  • €2,71

The Ultimate buffer enjoys elasticity similar to a sponge, which makes it ideal for finishing touches to modern gels with a softer structure. The 180-grit side of the buffer enables you to gently even out any lumps left from gel buffing, while the 280-grit side helps to quickly and conveniently achieve a perfect result. The buffer has a similar shape to the nail file, which enables you to work on the nail without injuring the nail matrix. The buffers can be washed and soaked.

NB! With Mereneid Series Ultimate gels, excess gel should be removed with a softer buffer (starting from 150-grit); the rest with the new buffer when modelling the nail. Thanks to its elasticity the new buffer does not break the gel structure and reduces the possibility of over-buffing the gel. Suitable also for giving a final touch to acrylic and silk wrap nails.