Polymaster Powder Pink Gel 60ml

Polymaster Powder Pink Gel 60ml

  • €22,90

An extremely convenient version of a ‘ready-made’ mix of acrylic and gel in a tube!
Certainly the best tube variant! The structure of the gel is like a perfect acrylic ball, not too runny, not too dry, but silky smooth and easy to mould.
The Polymaster gel and the Polymaster brush allow the nail technician to work without having to worry about the gel hardening or running onto the skin. The Polymaster nail extensions are less elastic, but very durable and easy to wear.

Suitable for short and long nail extensions and for covering strong natural nails.


  • Typically of acrylic, the gel is non-runny and without unpleasant smell
  • Top layer is slightly self-smoothing
  • Typically of gel, it is easy to file without generating the flying dust characteristic of acrylic
  • Does not cause the feeling of heat
  • Requires a base coat
  • Hardens under UV and LED lamps

Prepare the nail as usual before applying the gel. The cover the nail with the Ridgefiller base.
Dip the brush in Residue Remover, then squeeze the necessary quantity of gel out of the tube and pick it up with the brush. The product can be shaped with a lightly dampened brush. Make sure that the product doesn’t get too wet. The Polymaster brush holds moisture well. After you’ve created the desired shape, harden the gel under a UV (2 min) or 60 s LED lamp.

Tips for working with the Polymaster gel:

  • Make sure the product doesn’t get too wet.
  • The gel is not runny, which makes it possible to give the nail the perfect shape without having to hurry, which considerably reduces the need for filing.