MCCM Deoxycholic 10% 5x10ml

MCCM Deoxycholic 10% 5x10ml

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Deoxycholic Acid helps clear a double chin and localized fat deposits.

Sodium Deoxycholate is used in the emulsification of fats for the absorption in the intestine. Deoxycholic 10%, is an innovative active ingredient, recommended for localized fat treatments, especially on Thighs, buttocks, abdomen and double chin. 

Recommended for: 


Localized fat


Lipolytic action


Fat and volume reduction

Improvement in cellulite appearance


Deoxycholic10% MCCM is a water-based solution of a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid that is a natural substance in our body.

Indications and benefits of Deoxycholic 10%:

Non-surgical reduction of fat deposits located under the skin and resistant to diet and exercise.

Helps to reshape the contours of the body, eliminate double chin and fat under the arms

DEOXYCHOLIC 10% acts by causing the breakdown of fat cells: in the human body, deoxycholic acid helps to burn fat: this bile acid makes adipose cells unstable and destroys them, after which they are excreted by the kidneys.

The most common use of DEOXYCHOLIC 10% is to decrease the fat appearance of the double chin

Double chin appears in aging cases and is most evident in overweight people.

The results of treatment with DEOXYCHOLIC 10% are permanent if you maintain a constant weight: once the released fats have been treated by the lymphatic system of your body, they do not reappear.  

However, the procedure is permanent only if you want to follow a healthy diet and exercise.

If you regain weight, it is likely that pockets of fat will reappear.

Add the product to a gel intended for use in Transdermic Mesotherapy or other type of electrotherapy treatment such as ultrasounds, ionization or other types of medical devices used in aesthetic treatments. 

This procedure is not recommended for pregnant women, nursing mothers, obese or diabetic patients, autoimmune diseases, vascular complications, or infections of any kind.

  • After the treatment some side effects may appear, such as swelling, redness, burning. Use an anti-bruise cream as an aftercare 
  • Deoxycolic 10% can be combined with Alydia alternately,
  • 4 to 8 sessions are required depending on the case of each of your client

 Ingredients of Deoxycholic 10%:

  • Deoxycholic acid.
  • Aqua (water), benzyl alcohol, sodium chloride.