Spa Anti- Bacterial gel 500ml

Spa Anti- Bacterial gel 500ml

  • €21,75

A mildly scented instant no-rinse cleansing gel for hands and feet. The product includes 70% alcohol. To prevent the drying effect of alcohol, the product also includes vitamin E and natural glycerin, which balance the skin’s protective hydrolipidic layer.

Use: In salon procedures, apply to the skin before or between procedures. The gel will be absorbed in seconds. For professional and domestic use. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children.


  • 70% alcohol (70% concentration) – has antibacterial properties.
  • Vitamin E – the vitamin of youth, neutralises free radicals and fights the skin's aging. Protects the skin from drying, losing its tone and elasticity and reduces the threat of skin cracking.
  • Glycan – Moisturises deeply and restores the hydro lipid balance of the skin.
  • Natural glycerine – has strong hydroscopic properties (absorbs moisture). Absorbs moisture from outside and keeps it in the stratum corneum, making it much more moisturised. Quickly improves the skin's elasticity and softness. Relieves irritation on very dry skin. Smoothens and regulates the correct restoration process of the epidermis. If added into nail products then quickly improves their elasticity.