Shape Clear Builder Gel 30ml

  • €22,90

Shape Clear Builder Gel

Shape gels can be shaped easy 

Advantages for nail technicians:

  • the gels harden under UV and LED lamps
  • the gels do no run on the cuticles, you can work on one hand at a time
  • the gels are strong builder gels suitable for stencils and tips
  • easy to file
  • suitable for beginner nail technicians

Advantages for clients:

  • nails can be longer
  • convenient, as the gel is applied on nails one hand at a time

Use: Requires a base coat. We advise applying the gel in several thin layers, so that the UV light can penetrate all layers evenly  Hardens in ca 180 seconds under a UV lamp and 90 seconds under a LED-UV lamp.