• €21,03

Incredibly natural thixotropic pastel (color) camouflage gel: Ultimate Camouflage Gel Coral adheres perfectly to the sticky surface of a base gel. The stability of the camouflage gel means it can be applied to all the nails on one hand in a single application without risk of the gel spreading to the cuticles, making it perfect when time is short and in competition conditions. Use with the Ultimate white builder gel for an unbeatable French manicure.

Advantages for the nail technician:

  • Suitable for nail extending treatments with forms or tips.
  • When the gel is applied in layers it is easy to fade from light to dark (meaning lighter at the cuticle and darker moving further along the nail plate) producing very natural looking nails.
  • The excellent adherence of the new formula camouflage gel means unlike many camouflage gels it will not lift off the nail.
  • The gel will not spread to the cuticles so all the nails on one hand can be coated at the same time.
  • Thixotropic* – when moving the gel on the nail with the brush the gel becomes as liquid as the nail technician requires.
  • In the case of the reverse technique the gel adheres perfectly to the Ultimate White Builder Gel without leaving any unpleasant (where camouflage gel ends then without smudges over the edges the white builder gel line starts) tones between the two gel layers.
  • Well suited to the PINCH technique which provides the nail with a permanent C curve. The gel layers dry quickly and remain flexible so that even the thinnest layer does not lose its C curve when flexed.
  • Suitable for use during competitions.
  • Dries perfectly under any lamp type: UV-90s/LED – 60s/CCFL - 90s.

Advantages for the client:

  • New-generation Ultimate thixotropic camouflage gel with a strong pigment that covers any flaws on the nail and helps to visually lengthen the nail plate providing even the most problematic nails with a beautiful shape.
  • Incredibly natural pastel tone that suits different skin tones and improves the appearance of both short and long nails.
  • Convenient because all the nails on one hand are coated at the same time, which reduces UV drying time.
  • The gel is very durable and does not come off the nail plate.

Use: The gel needs a base gel or a one-phase gel in a thin layer (Ultimate Easy-On Builder Gel). When using the traditional paper forms the nail should be placed under the lamp once more upside down after the form is removed to also provide UV light under the nail. We recommend using transparent forms. Leaves an adhesive layer after drying.