• €19,00

Mereneid’s Ultimate gel line is growing to bring you two ultra-necessary builder gels. These gels are part of the Ultimate Concealer line and have been designed first and primarily for durable nail extensions (overlays, tips), but are also suitable for covering shorter nails. Concealer builder gels give nails a modern, natural look.
Ultimate Builder Concealer La Luna gives nail plates a whitish glow reminiscent of pearl oyster shells, creating an elegant look that is suitable in the office but will also turn heads during more festive occasions.
For nail technicians, these are no-fuss gels. La Luna builder gel is very similar to the Ultimate Easy builder gel in its consistency and easy of application.
New Ultimate concealer gels have all the characteristics of Ultimate gels: they are fixed (thixotropic), suitable when using the conveyor method (one hand at a time), harden at low temperatures (no pain) and have excellent adhesive properties. New concealer builder gels help save time, because now you can achieve an elegant result without using coloured gels.