• €19,90

Ultimate Easy On Builder Gel – The premium thixotropic* single-phase gel of the Mereneid Range – sticks remarkably well to the nail plate. Working with the gel is very easy as it has a light texture and lower viscosity, and does not flow on the cuticles. The new generation gels of the Ultimate range save nail technicians time and money, as they need less material.

Advantages for a nail technician:

  • Suitable for experienced technicians and beginners. The innovative composition of the gel helps professionals save time and beginners can learn to give the right shape to the nail without worrying that the gel might spill on the cuticles.
  • As the gel can be applied to the nail extremely precisely, less time is required for filing and the quantity of dust created by filing is reduced especially when filing with Mereneid Sari half-moon zebra files 180 grit.
  • It's easy to take the gel from the bottle with the brush (there is no long stretchy gel string) and spread it over the whole nail.
  • It’s a universal gel that sticks extremely well and can therefore be used on most nail plates.
  • It's a single-phase gel, so there is no need for additional base gel.
  • Suitable for stencils as well as plastic tips.
  • Using a single-phase gel allows technicians to save money, as they don’t need to buy different gels (a base and top gel are not necessary) and can do the entire job with the same gel.
  • All types of lamps are suitable for hardening: UV – 120s / LED – 90s / CCFL – 60s.

Advantages for a customer:

  • This very flexible gel moves with the client’s natural nail, so there is no pulling on the nail plate.
  • The feeling of heat has been reduced to a minimum.
  • The gel sticks extremely well, which makes having gel nails possible for clients with moister and more elastic nail plates.
  • Convenient for the client, as the nails on one hand are covered with the gel at the same time, which means less time under the UV lamp.

Using the product: The gel can be applied after preparing the nails with the Nail Prepare Solution and an acid free primer shall be used in addition to this. Apply a single thin layer of the gel on all five fingers at the same time. Then apply as many layers as required for the length and shape of the nail and cure all layers properly under the lamp.

*Thixotropic – describes some gels that change from semi-solid to liquid when stirred.

Mereneid Ultimate Easy On Builder Gel is manufactured following the Directives of the European Union and Good Manufacturing Practice. Microbiological and toxicological tests have been carried out by independent organisations of the European Union