• €22,90

Ultimate White Builder Gel: Pure white thixotropic 3D sculpting gel to create a flawless French manicure smile line at the salon and during stressful competitions. The winning properties of this white sculpting gel are its perfect white tone, its stability, its flexibility (the pinch technique) and its fast drying time.

Advantages for the nail technician:

  • Suitable for nail extending with forms (also with tips).
  • Perfect white colour that provides cover with just one thin layer.
  • Thick viscous gel dries quickly even when applied to the nail in a thicker layer.
  • Thixotropic* – when moving the gel on the nail with the brush the gel becomes as liquid as the nail technician requires.
  • In the case of the Reverse extension technique the gel adheres perfectly to the camouflage gel without leaving any unpleasant (smudgy) tones between the two gel layers.
  • Well suited to the PINCH technique, which gives the nail a permanent C curve.
  • Top layer remains slightly adhesive.
  • Suitable for nail art and for creating structured 3D designs.
  • Reliable gel for those who take part in competitions.
  • All lamp types are suitable for drying: UV-90s/LED – 60s/CCFL - 90s.

Advantages for the client:

  • The undersides of the nails sculpted using the white builder gel remain beautiful and clean.
  • Great durability and strength ensure a beautiful and resistant French manicure.
  • The gel does not crack and you need not worry about it chipping.
  • The gel will not turn yellow.

Use: Mereneid Ultimate white builder gel must be applied over a base gel and should be finished with at least one layer of transparent sculpting gel.